The Suit

May 4, 2009

Before I am accused of gender-biasedness, I thought I’d better post up something about THE SUIT, which to be honest does deserve special mention.

As usual it started off with the casual browsing – through the city, around Doncaster Westfield, and a few other random shops around, but it was at the David Jones suit department that we found his suit.

THAT place is no force to be reckoned with; if any guy were to whine about the lack of male clothing in stores, he obviously hasn’t been to David Jones. Just imagine this: rows and rows and many more rows of suit racks, sprawled across an entire floor of a building, purely dedicated to suits. There were suits in all shapes and sizes, from all designers between Armani and Zegna, branded or otherwise. THAT place, is suit heaven.

He tried on a few and we eventually settled on a Studio Italia one. The price was decent, minor alterations were needed and we both agreed he looked pretty dapper. We put in an order for that and left.

And that was when we wandered carelessly into Zegna thinking it was harmless since we got the suit already, but oh how wrong we were! You see, there’s Zegna, and there’s ZZegna, which is the younger, cooler, and oh-so-much-hipper (and much much more affordable) range. At the shop assistant’s insistence that Jon tried on a suit which she thought was perfect for him (although admittedly the material was beautiful), Jon reluctantly went into the change room to try it on (just to shut her up).

Minutes later he emerged, and That suit was perfect! It fit him to a T. The tailoring was exquisite, the material was beautiful…and best of all the price wasn’t Zegnaesque in any way and fit snugly within our budget.

The deal was sealed in a heartbeat and we left the places happy customers. We also managed to cancel the order for the previous one since it was in the same store which made us even happier customers.

And that’s the story of THE SUIT.



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