The Final Countdown

June 27, 2009

As of tonight, we are officially 7 days away from the wedding. Tears and fears aside, we would have to admit that it really is an exhilarating experience, one that this bride-to-be is beginning to savour amidst the stresses of logistics and planning.

It all came together tonight when we had our helpers’ meeting. It was humbling to know that our friends are so willing to give up time, weekends, birthday parties and after work drinks just to be with us tonight; who crawl over from the other end of the island after a 13-hour work day. Our fabulous wedding planners Kevin & Rachel ran the meeting seamlessly, our helpers were incredibly patient with us, and everyone was simply ace. We couldn’t ask for more!

So everything is falling into place, slowly but surely, and the bridal couple are waiting for these seven days to pass us by because we reckon that the Fourth of July is going to be an absolute blast – if not for anyone, at least for ourselves!

I don’t suppose there will be more posts coming up and if this space remains static till the day we become Mr&Mrs, well, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see you at our wedding!


with love from,

the bride & groom to be!


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