It’s funny how it all begins – an idea, followed by a long checklist, the sleepless nights trying to figure things out (and sometimes nightmares – oh you wouldn’t believe how many this bride-to-be has had!), and all of a sudden, TA-DAH! It miraculously works itself out and I realise I’ve stressed myself out for what? Absolutely nothing!

This journey of wedding planning has taught us many things about ourselves – our work styles, our personalities, our little idiosyncrasies. I’ve figured out a way to get the groom-to-be working; he’s figured out a way to remind me to do my tasks and when I need a break from it all. But what I’ve learnt the most is that in the midst of it all, God is the Master Wedding Planner.

In retrospect, I’ve hardly had to stress about a thing. I decided on my gown in a day, there was a bit of drama with my shoes but it wasn’t the end of the world, the bridesmaids’ dresses all came too easily, the groom-to-be’s suit was perhaps the easiest and quickest decision made, and then there were the flowers.

I already had a vague idea of what I wanted my bridal bouquet to be like, but the idea, which I (unfortunately) found on the website of a highly-sought-after florist, was going to cost me an arm and a leg, and possibly a kidney and liver too. I could justify forking out a tidy sum for the gown or the suit, but for flowers that would wilt and die in a day? It was no systems go.

Thanks to a friend whose cousin had a friend in the industry – Fleurlicious – who does absolutely gorgeous flowers, we were incredibly blessed by his generosity and graciously given a packaged deal for all the flowers that we needed, and it didn’t even cost us a finger. What I liked best was Justin’s service – his honesty and enthusiasm was enough to get me all excited about flowers even if it were through an email. You know how you just KNOW it when you’ve got a connection with someone? I had that vibe with Justin and his team.

Divine intervention? You bet. Isn’t it awesome when we have God as our Master Wedding Planner! So, ladies and gentlemen, I say this with much pleasure and glee:

Flowers? CHECK!